How to Make Your Plastic Surgery Recovery Short, Smooth and Stress-Free

Whether you already have decided to have plastic surgery or are just starting to do your research, it’s important to start thinking about how to prepare for your recovery. You need to make sure that you have everything ready, so that once you are home, the rest of your recovery is smooth sailing. In this blog post the experts at ReNova Plastic Surgery provide tips to help you look and feel your best as soon as possible.

Top Ways to Ease Your Recovery

Aside from making sure you have all of the gauze, tape and medications you will need at home prior to having your surgery, there are a few things that you can do to help encourage a quick, more comfortable recovery. Here is a quick list of what to do, and what to avoid, to make your recovery easier.

  1. Do – wear any compression garments given to you by your plastic surgeon, and continue wearing them for as long as your surgeon tells you to. These garments are specifically designed to minimize bruising and keep swelling down significantly, and must be worn as directed to give you the easiest recovery.
  2. Avoid – exercise. Most of the time, exercise is really good for you, but when your recovery period following plastic surgery is one of the few times where taking it easy is key. Wait until your doctor tells you it is safe to go back to your regular workouts.
  3. Do – take your pain medications as directed. Pushing through the pain is never advised after plastic surgery, as the pain could increase your blood pressure, which can cause more swelling and bruising, which then slows down how long it takes to recover after surgery.
  4. Avoid – smoking, both before and following the surgery. Smoking in general slows down how quickly your body can recover, but it can also make it more likely that problems will arise during the recovery process. If you were able to avoid smoking for the weeks prior to your surgery, keep up the good work and steer clear of lighting back up just because your surgery is done.
  5. Do – move around as your doctor says it is safe to do. You will be advised to rest as much as you can during the first 24-48 hours after surgery, but after that, you need to be up and about. Moving your body around not only speeds up the healing process, but also helps keep your pain to a minimum.

For a Relaxing and Stress-Free Recovery, Contact ReNova Plastic Surgery

The staff and surgeons at ReNova Plastic Surgery are committed to helping make your recovery as stress-free and smooth as possible. If you have any extra questions about how to increase the ease and speed of your recovery, let us help guide you. Contact us today at (412) 638-2391.


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