Breast Implants Cost Near Pittsburgh PA


Breast Implants Cost Near Pittsburgh, PA

The typical cost for Breast Implants near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ranges from $5,000 - $8,000.

This is based on calculations published on Realself.  It is well known that the costs of a procedure will vary by surgeon, geographic region, and the complexity of the procedure.

TIPS to consider while calculating costs associated with breast implants near Pittsburgh, PA

When undergoing breast augmentation there are various elements that may change the price of the procedure.

  1. Type of implants:

The type of implant chosen may change the price of the procedure as much as 2000 dollars.  The important issue here is knowing what type of implant is being used and if it is what the patient is requesting. 

-Saline implants are the least expensive option.  Generally, saline implants have the least long-term warranty. 

-The next implants in price are silicone cohesive implants.

-Finally, the “gummy bear” implants are the most expensive.

The pros and cons of each should be considered to help determine the best option for each individual patient.

  1. Complexity of the procedure:

Sometimes, more than just a breast augmentation alone will be recommended to obtain the desired outcome. If the breasts have significant sagging (ptosis), a breast lift (mastopexy) in addition to the augmentation may be recommended. There are 3 types of breast lifts, that can be performed to improve the breast shape. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, the surgical time will vary, making the anesthesia, operative room fees, and surgeons fees higher.

  1. Facility fees:

Outpatient surgery centers are usually more cost effective compared to hospitals. If the surgeon owns their surgery center, they are likely to have more control of the pricing. Make sure that that facility is certified by the state or by a AAAAF.  If the facility is not certified, it is unlikely that general anesthesia will be offered at this location.  For a breast augmentation, this means that your implants are likely to be placed above the muscle, not below.  This practice can eventually lead to further costly complications.

  1. Type of anesthesia offered:

Anesthesia is another important component of every surgical procedure. A qualified and experienced anesthesia provider can be the difference between a great surgical experience and a terrible one.  Some reasons that surgeons may not have access to certified anesthesia providers are:

-She/he is not certified by the board of plastic surgery (click here to see if your provider is board certified);

-Her/his facility is not an accredited surgery center;

-She/he is trying to promote more business and lower cost procedures by removing the anesthesia provider costs;

-She/he will be placing the breast implant above the muscle. 

  1. Who is your Doctor?

Another important component to investigate is who the surgeon is?  Please, do your homework and read reviews. Go to our page with guidelines to find your top plastic surgeon.   

  1. Board certification:

Many surgeons are NOT plastic surgeons.  The most important thing any prospective surgical patient can do is to educate themselves.  This includes investigating the surgeon’s background, education and accreditation, as well as the facility where the surgery will be performed.  Please confirm the surgeon IS a board certified plastic surgeon.  Not being board certified prevents having privileges at hospitals and/or accredited surgical facilities.  Click here to see if your provider is board certified.  Here you can find more information about board certification.

  1. Plastic surgery tourism to save on cost:

Plastic surgery tourism has become a very viable way of obtaining very low fees for procedures that are costly in the US.  However, the CDC has started an alert campaign to make consumers aware of its dangers.  For more details, click the CDC website on this topic.

When considering having a surgical procedure in a distant location the most important economic issues to consider are:

-Travel fees including airfare, hotel, ground transportation and food should be included into the cost of the procedure.

-What is the protocol following surgery?  Will the patient be expected to return for follow-up visits?  How will post-procedure complications/concerns be handled?  If there is a serious complication, does the surgeon have privileges at a hospital for admissions?

-Remember that time off from work is also a cost that patients do not consider when traveling abroad.


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