Rejuvenate Your Skin with photofacial intense pulse light


Photofacial Fast Facts

Photofacial IPL, also known as photorejuvenation, is the improvement of the skin by controlling pigment and vascular lesions of your skin. In addition the skin will have a boost for collagen production in the deeper layers. Trust your IPL treatment procedure to the best-reviewed plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • It is performed in our office and usually completed in 30 minutes to an hour.
  • There is no major downtime when doing your procedure.

Searching for Photofacial IPL near Pittsburgh, PA orWexford, PA? Dr. Clavijo at ReNova Plastic Surgery offers Intense pulse Light treatments to enhance your skin and recover a youthful look. The average price of photorejuvenation near Pittsburgh, PAranges from $300 to $500.

What is a photofacial treatment?

Photofacial also known as photo rejuvenation is the use of intense pulsed light to improve the pigment and vessels to the skin. It might require 1 to 6 sessions depending on the severity of the skin damage.

How and where is the photo rejuvenation treatment done?

The procedure is done in our office. It is done under topical anesthesia The duration of the procedure is about 30 minutes to an hour depending on the extent of the affected areas. It is done as an outpatient procedure.

What complications could occur after IPL treatments, Photofacial Pittsburgh?

Some of the possible complications following your ipl treatment  are:

The area might have a temporary reddish pigmentation to it

Sometimes slight swelling may be associated with the procedure

Quick recovery is usually the norm

How is the recovery after intense pulse light?

Following your Photofacial Pittsburgh, you should plan for the following:

-The first 2-3 days you will have significant swelling

-Minimal to no bleeding

-By day 5 the skin should be healed enough to allow for makeup application 

LASER skin resurfacing
 Cost Near Pittsburgh, PA

The typical cost for LASER skin resurfacing  near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ranges from $300 - $500.

This price variation is based on calculations published on Realself. A few of the variables that determine costs of a procedure will vary by surgeon, geographic region and complexity of the procedure.

Photofacial IPL treatment

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