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Non-Invasive Fat Reduction with SculpSure


Dr. Julio Clavijo-Alvarez offers non-invasive fat reduction with SculpSure, an FDA-approved laser treatment that can target fat deposits and contour your body without surgery. This treatment takes about 25 minutes and requires no downtime, making it a convenient option for busy patients. SculpSure can treat the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and the back.

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Cynthia: Hello and welcome to "Take Five." I'm Cynthia Brennan. Our special guest today, Dr. Julio Clavijo-Alvarez, board certified plastic surgeon and the founder of Re-Nova Plastic Surgery Associates. Welcome, Doctor. Dr. Alvarez: Thank you for having me. Cynthia: It's a real pleasure to have you here, today. I love the fact that your motto is "compassion for your needs." So you treat each and every patient as though they're a member of your family. Dr. Alvarez: That's correct and that's something that grew up from home. We try to treat well people, and we have the response, and that's what we do with our patients. Cynthia: You do a variety of services there at the medical spa. Touch on those very quickly and then I want to go into Sculpsure. Dr. Alvarez: Well, we do fillers. We do Botox. We do laser treatments for hair removal. And the most novel technique is Sculpsure, which is a laser for fat reduction. Cynthia: For our viewers who may not understand exactly what it is, walk us through the procedure, and what it is, and why it's so much better than other procedures. Dr. Alvarez: Well, you are somebody who has stubborn areas of fat, for example, in your tummy or your love handles, which are the typical ones. They're areas in which you can diet, you can exercise, and they don't go away, especially you have a baby or something like that. The bottom line is that you come to us, we'll do a full evaluation, we'll weigh you, we'll pinch the areas of interest, and then we'll design the best treatment for you. The laser is basically a plate that is half the size of a cell phone. And you just place it over the areas that you want to melt down. The laser will target specifically fat, which is the most important part. It doesn't target any other areas, which has been the problem of all treatments that have been on the market. You are there for only 25 minutes. It can be your lunch break. Then you can go and continue your life. You can go work out the same day. And that's pretty much it. Cynthia: That's fantastic. Is there any pain associated with it? Is there a warmth, or is there a cool feeling? Dr. Alvarez: Actually, it's warmth. Well, actually, it's two things. Cool feeling towards the skin and warmth towards the fat area. So it's kind of deceiving the mind. Cynthia: But really, no discomfort whatsoever? Dr. Alvarez: No discomfort at all. Cynthia: That's fascinating. I know you brought a special offer for our viewers to pick up the phone and call you. So tell us about the offer. Dr. Alvarez: Well, you mention this interview and this commercial and you will have $100 off. Cynthia: You can't beat that. So $100 off of a Sculpsure. Dr. Alvarez: Correct. Cynthia: Fantastic. Dr. Julio, is there any other ideas that you have for people when they're looking to just get that extra incentive to lose weight? Dr. Alvarez: Well, usually, it's incredible but simple things as getting a tool to measure your steps, or measuring the amount of water you drink every day, walking farther from the parking lot to your job, or going up the stairs. Simple things like that will potentiate this treatment. Cynthia: And never give up. And it's never too late to start. So this simple step could really get them on the road to a healthier start for them. Dr. Alvarez: That's correct. Cynthia: Remember, the number to call is at the bottom of your screen. Until next time on "Take Five," I'm Cynthia Brennan. We'll look forward to seeing you then.

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