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Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing


With Fraxel laser skin resurfacing, Dr. Julio Clavijo-Alvarez can address skin concerns such as uneven pigmentation and fine lines without the need for surgery. The advanced laser treatment targets mild to moderate sun damage, acne scarring, and facial lines. It usually requires a series of treatments for the best results.

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This video will discuss details about Fraxel skin resurfacing. Fraxel laser skin tightening and pigment correction is the enhancement of changes related to aging and sun damage to the skin. Patients who are good candidates for the procedure are women or men who want to the correct the usual changes including wrinkles, skin laxity, and pigment. The laser targets water and pigment, allowing for the simulation of lost collagen and elastin, and the improvement of darker marks to the skin. The procedure is simple. The laser makes microperforations to the skin, stimulating the regenerative properties. The end point is a healthier look to the skin. Fraxel works deeper and delivers a lesser degree of energy. The recovery is faster and multiple treatments are needed. The procedure is done in our office under topical anesthesia. It usually takes an average of 20 minutes. The recovery time is two to three days with this technique. Some important considerations for the procedure are to avoid recent tanning or future exposure to sun or tanning beds. Cold sores may reactivate with the laser treatment. Please make us aware if you have suffered from this before. We will need to give you preventative medication to avoid this complication during the healing process. Other considerations include the use of Accutane within the prior year, pregnancy, active lupus disease to the skin, and skin cancer. Some frequently asked questions are, "Would I have blisters with this procedure?" No, the microperforations allow for the escape of fluid, preventing the formation of blisters. "Would I have bleeding with the procedure?" Some patients may develop pinpoint bleeding, especially if they have small capillary vessels on the area of treatment. "When will the swelling go away?" It usually takes two to three days. "When can I use makeup?" One week should be okay for light concealer, two weeks for regular makeup. Now, let's review some outcomes of patients that have undergone this procedure. This patient was concerned about the pigmentation and damage to the skin of her face. Please appreciate the significant improvement in the pigmentation and quality of the skin. This patient was concerned about the pigmentation and damage to the skin of her neck and décolleté. Please appreciate the significant improvement in the pigmentation and the quality of the skin. Thank you for considering us for your procedure and welcome to our practice. Please contact us by phone, email, or through our website.

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