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Breast Augmentation


Dr. Julio Clavijo-Alvarez at ReNova Plastic Surgery performs breast augmentation to enhance the contours and size of your breasts. He provides saline and silicone breast implants, or he can use fat grafting to augment the breasts. He usually recommends silicone implants due to their texture and durability.

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This video will discuss details about breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is the enhancement of the breast by increasing its volume. It could be done by using an implant or your own fat. If the breast is misshapen, a lift may be needed to obtain a better outcome. Patients who are good candidates for the procedure are women with small breasts, women with deflated breasts after breastfeeding, and finally people who want to balance their body. My preferred way of doing breast augmentation is under general anesthesia. I prefer silicone implants, due to texture and durability, usually below the muscle. It usually takes one and a half hours. Some important considerations in preparation for your procedure are the type of implant, either silicone or saline. The implant size, depending on the size that you want to achieve and the space that your body has to accommodate the implant. The implant shape, either round or anatomical. The implant surface, either smooth or texture. Implant projection, high or ultra-high profile. Implant placement, on top or below the muscle. Incision location, through the axilla, the nipple, or the inframammary fold. Finally, is the breast droopy enough that it will need a lift? Some frequently asked questions that many patients have are, "Are silicone implants safe?" Yes, the FDA has cleared them since 2006. "How long do implants last?" Difficult question to answer. The studies report 20% exchange at 10 years. Finally, "How long is the time off to recover after surgery?" The usual time off after surgery is between three days and one week. Now, let's review some outcomes of patients that have undergone this procedure. The first patient is a 37-year-old female who had a B cup before the surgery and became a D cup after the surgery. We used silicone implants, 350cc, placed below the muscle. This is another view from the front. This other patient was a 33-year-old female who changed from a B cup to a D cup, who also used a silicone implant, 350cc, placed below the muscle. This a view from the front. Thank you for considering us for your procedure and welcome to our practice. Please contact us by phone, email, or through our website.

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