Do I Need a Breast Lift?

breast lift can restore breasts to their previously youthful appearance, eliminating the sagging that often results from extreme weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, normal aging or genetic disposition. Every woman desires to look her very best and a breast lift can often restore not only outward appearance but self-confidence as well. In this week’s blog, Pittsburg cosmetic surgeon Dr. Julio Clavijo-Alvarez helps you answer the question, “Do I need a breast lift?”

The Breast Lift Result

First, it is crucial to understand what exactly breast lift surgery can achieve. Breast lift, known in the medical world as mastopexy, is a plastic surgery procedure performed to elevate breasts that are drooping, sagging or look flat on the chest. The desired result is perky and youthful looking breasts. The breast lift can be done alone or performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation or reduction, tailored to each individual’s needs and desires. Following a thorough examination of your breasts, your board certified plastic surgeon will present the options most appropriate for your goals during your consultation.

Signs You May Need Breast Lift Surgery

Several factors may indicated that you need breast lift surgery. One is the location of your nipples; if your nipples have fallen below the breast crease, or the region where your breast and torso join, you may be in need of a lift. Another factor is breast shape: flat, stretched or “deflated-looking” breasts are indicators of a need for breast lift. Many women seeking breast lift feel their breasts are simply not as beautiful as they once were and want to restore them to their youthful exuberance.


The recovery time for breast lift surgery is two to four weeks, or longer if breast augmentation or reduction is performed in conjunction with the lift. Generally, any bruising or swelling is mostly resolved at two weeks, allowing patients to return to work and their regular routine.

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