Massage Therapy in Pittsburgh, PA

Life in the 21st century can take a toll on both the body and the mind. Fortunately, a massage is one of the best ways to relax and release tension, from the inside out. If you’re struggling to feel at ease in your skin, our medical massage therapy may be able to help re-establish a greater sense of balance. At ReNova Plastic Surgery & Medial Spa, we offer massage therapy to patients in and around Pittsburgh, PA. Find out if our massage therapy treatments could be right for you. 

What is Massage Therapy?

A hands-on body treatment that targets the muscles, massage therapy is a relaxing and rejuvenating procedure for the entire body. The massage therapist may use hands, fingers and forearms to manipulate the tissues and provide release.

How Much Does Massage Therapy Cost?

The cost of massage therapy sessions will vary depending on the individual and the techniques used. At ReNova Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa, we price all our procedures on an individual basis and will calculate your unique cost during your consultation.

In an effort to ensure our procedures are financially accessible, we’re glad to accept a wide range of payment options, including financing through Dollar Bank and CareCredit®.

Am I a Good Candidate for Massage Therapy?

There are many benefits of massage therapy. As a result, massage therapy is safe and effective for a wide range of individuals. So if your muscles feel tense, or if you’re seeking to incorporate more relaxation into your schedule, you could be a good candidate for this treatment. However, the best way to determine your candidacy for this or any procedure is to schedule a consultation.

How is Massage Therapy Performed?

Your massage therapy procedure will be performed in the comfort of our office. You’ll be in a relaxing, restful environment as you receive your massage, and may find yourself dozing off–this is normal, and simply a sign you’re deeply relaxed. Once your massage is complete, you’re free to return to your daily activities, making sure to stay hydrated.

How Long Will Massage Therapy Results Last?

The results of massage therapy are best when incorporated as a regular part of your routine. In order to continue feeling balanced and at ease, you may choose to schedule regular massage treatments on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. We can advise follow up treatments when you visit our office.

If you’ve been feeling tired, burnt out and in need of some rest, a massage therapy treatment may be able to help. Residents of Pittsburgh, Monroeville, Wexford and the surrounding Pennsylvania communities who have been searching for ‘massage therapy near me,’ should look no further than ReNova Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa. Our team consistently provides high quality services to address your cosmetic, aesthetic and physical needs. For more information or to schedule your consultation, contact us today.