Can Men Have Facelifts?

While the majority of trusted Pittsburgh plastic surgeon Julio Clavijo-Alvarez’s clientele is female, he does see male patients regularly. Many of these men desire a younger looking facial appearance, and are curious whether facelift is an option available to them. The good news is that men can certainly have facelift surgery — and when performed by the right surgeon, the results can be magnificent! However, there are some special considerations for male facelift surgery, which Dr. Clavijo explains here.

Excellent technique for natural-looking results. The key to successful male facelift is to make slight tweaks for subtle improvement. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples in Hollywood of bad male facelift surgery that overcorrected and feminized the patient. It is important to choose a plastic surgeon that understands the nuances of male and female facelift and has a track record of great results with both.

Unique challenges. Working around hair-bearing skin and a beard is challenging. The incisions must be made carefully, and the skin lifted and tightened in a way that does not change the position of the beard or side burns. Ignoring the hair pattern during these modifications could lead to hair growing in unnatural spots, such as the tragus (i.e., the bump in front of the ear) or behind the ear. Men typically don’t wear their hair as long as women do, so the incisions need to be carefully camouflaged.

Additionally, men’s skin tends to be thicker and less pliable than women’s skin. Men also have stronger ligament support, heavier necks and bigger faces. A good plastic surgeon like Dr. Clavijo understands how to work around these obstacles.

Increased post-operative risks. Men’s skin is more vascular than women’s, which can raise the risk of post-operative complications such as hematomas. Closely monitoring the patient and controlling blood pressure is critical to a safe recovery. Thicker male skin heals faster, so men tend to have rapid recoveries and resume activities sooner. Being too physically active within the first week of recovery could lead to other complications, so careful physician supervision is essential.

Desire for discretion. Many women have a natural proclivity to change their appearance, whether through cosmetics, a new haircut or facial plastic surgery. Some even talk about their plastic surgery procedures within their group of friends. On the other hand, men are less likely to change their appearance and not likely to discuss it within their social circle. As such, they generally prefer more privacy and discretion from their surgeon and staff throughout the entire experience.

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