ReNova Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa offers high-quality care and cutting-edge aesthetic procedures to residents of Pittsburgh, Monroeville and the neighboring communities of Pennsylvania. Whether you want to contour your body, fix your crooked nose, or treat yourself to a medical-grade skincare treatment, Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez and his expertly skilled team are by your side to walk you through each step of the way. Their incredible bedside manner and family-friendly environment will leave you feeling comfortable throughout your procedure. Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez and his staff are dedicated to ensuring your outer beauty reflects your inner beauty.


“I could not possibly be happier with my overall experience at ReNova! The staff, environment, and Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez were extremely welcoming and kind. I received a rhinoplasty from him and am ecstatic with the result. I never imagined it would turn out as amazing as it did and I will be forever grateful for this experience! I can’t imagine ever having even close to a better experience anywhere else than ReNova!”

Meet Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez

With more than 10 years of practice, Julio Clavijo, MD, has the skill, precision and expertise to help patients achieve their ultimate aesthetic goals. Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez has worked with several of the top surgeons throughout the united states. Throughout this training, he has specialized in breast and craniofacial surgery.

Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez attended medical school in his native country, Colombia, before performing intensive medical research at Harvard University’s department of Trauma and Critical Care. His passion for research led him to studying advances in biotechnology and regenerative medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez is known as one of Pittsburgh’s top plastic surgeons and the president of the Greater Pittsburgh Plastic Surgery Society. Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez and his team take pride in offering each patient at ReNova Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa top-quality medical care and natural-looking results.