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Preparing Your House Post-Surgery

While you meet with your doctor to discuss your procedure and mentally prepare yourself for this journey, it is also recommended that you adjust your home to make it more comfortable and accessible for you during your recovery. 

After procedures such as breast augmentation surgery, you will experience soreness and will need to move around slowly for the first few days of recovery to minimize pain. To help make your life easier during your recovery, we’ve put together some tips on how to prepare your family, home, and wardrobe for a comfortable recovery. 

Choose your recovery crew. 

On the day of your procedure and for at least 24 hours afterward, you will need the assistance of another adult for various tasks. This person will need to drive you to your surgery location, help you in and out of the car, and will need to monitor you for 24 to 48 hours as you come out of anesthesia. 
You should appoint this job to a family member, spouse, or close friend. If you live alone and prefer to keep your procedure private, you could hire a nurse to assist with your recovery.

Schedule full-time childcare. 

In addition to caring for yourself, it is also recommended that you arrange for full-time childcare for the first few days of recovery. You will also want to have extra help with childcare scheduled for a few weeks after your procedure since you will be restricted from lifting anything more than 10 pounds to prevent straining your incision or stretching your scars, meaning you will not be able to pick up your children during recovery. 

Pet care should also be considered. You will have to avoid walking your dog or cleaning your cat’s litter box out during recovery. Allow your children to help you with pet care or enlist the help of a trusted family member or friend. 

Prep your meals or get assistance with cooking meals. 

Eating nutritious meals during your recovery will help you feel better and heal faster. While you can order healthy takeout, you may want to consider saving money by stocking up your fridge and meal-prepping food for at least a few days since you will not be able to drive to the store while taking your prescription pain medication. 

You can prep and portion meals such as meat and veggies, soups, and casseroles that are easy to heat up in the microwave. You can also prepare the ingredients ahead of time and have a family member or friend cook for you. 

Create a comfortable recovery/rest area. 

Breast surgery recoveryDuring your recovery, rest is a major part of your healing. Prior to surgery, we recommend that you designate an area in your home with a comfortable temperature, privacy, and one that is easy to get in and out of without having to strain your arms and allows you to move your legs freely. Avoid areas that you could roll over on your chest while sleeping. 

You want to make sure you rest on your back with your head and chest slightly elevated. This avoids pressure on your implants and helps you keep from straining your incisions. Make sure this area has easy access to your phone, tablet, water, light switches, etc. 

Be sure the spot you choose has room for you to get up and move around to reduce the risk of stiffness and blood clots. This area should also have your necessities such as skincare and your toothbrush. Make sure these items are placed at waist height for easy access. 

Make some comfortable and convenient additions to your wardrobe. 
Pulling shirts and sweaters over your head can cause strain to your incisions, so it is recommended that you find more comfortable garments to wear during recovery. Prior to your surgery, purchase easy-to-wear items such as wrap dress, button-up PJs, open front, and button-up shirts. You will also need to add a few bras to your wardrobe that are front-closing as well as soft and supportive. 

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