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Tips for a Better Augmentation Recovery

At ReNova Plastic Surgery, breast augmentations continue to rise in popularity with our patients. Most commonly, our patients ask questions about recovery and how to make the process more comfortable.

The team at ReNova Plastic Surgery has put together our top tips for making your breast augmentation recovery a comfortable and uneventful experience.

Enlist Help from Friends, Family, or Private Nurse
For your procedure, you will need someone to drive you to the surgical center and take you home afterward. They will also need to help you get settled at home and prepare your meals for the first few days of recovery. This trusted person will also help you retrieve items such as a book or a remote and be there in case you need something from the store or need assistance with other daily tasks.

Schedule Time Off of Work
While many of our patients in Pittsburgh feel prepared to return to work within three days of recovery, we recommend that you take at least a week off work for those with office jobs. Those who work physically taxing jobs will need to take more time off.

Transform Your Home into a Relaxing Oasis
Find a room in your home where you can create a comfortable and relaxingTips for a Better Augmentation Recovery environment. Make sure you can easily access the lights and temperature controls. Stock up this area with bottled water, healthy snacks, chargers for your electronics, your tablet or e-reader, pillows, blankets, and any remotes you may need.

Be Prepared for Recovery
We recommend that you fill your prescription prior to your surgery date. Make sure to take care of other post-surgery needs such as purchasing surgical bras, button-up shirts, and other garments that are easy to put on and take off. By preparing these items ahead of time, you can reduce your stress levels and create a smoother recovery experience.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions
We will provide you with detailed post-op instructions that you need to follow for the best results. Our instructions will cover your pain medication, bathing, caring for your incisions, what garments to wear, etc. These instructions will be provided in your pre-op appointment so you can prepare ahead of time.

Keep in mind that recovery is a unique experience for every patient but with these tips, you can make your experience more comfortable.

Are You Considering Breast Augmentation?

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