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Tips for Your First Plastic Surgery Consultation

When you decide to undergo plastic surgery, it is imperative that you are ready for your first consultation. You’ll want to be able to clearly explain your desires to potential surgeons and ask questions regarding benefits, options and risks for the procedures you are considering. Pittsburg plastic surgeon Dr. Julio Clavijo-Alvarez offers these tips to help you prepare for your initial plastic surgery consultation and make the most of the appointment.

Questions to Ask

You’ll want to begin by asking the potential plastic surgeon if they are board certified. Board certification indicates a certain level of education, safety record and commitment to the profession. Next, ask the surgeon how often he or she has performed the procedure you are considering and the complication rate on the particular procedure; this information is important because no surgery is without risks. You’ll also want to ask about pre-operative preparations, risks, downtime and post-operative care, as well as any other personal concerns or questions you have.

Items to Bring Along

The surgeon will ask for your complete medical history, including any issues in your family medical history, previous surgeries and a list of your current medications, plus any vitamins or supplements you use. Depending on the type of surgery you are considering, you might elect to bring along swimwear so that the surgeon can take special care in planning incision placement and subsequently concealing scars as much as possible following your surgery.

Financial Obligations

Since elective plastic surgeries are typically not covered by your health insurance provider, you will want to plan accordingly. Be wary of plastic surgeons offering fees at considerably lower prices to other cosmetic surgeons in your area, and never base your decision solely on price. Your safety, well-being and successful outcome are of the utmost importance.

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